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February 2013
Dedication of the new St Mark’s building, Versailles. 16th Feb 2013

An amazing collection of past and present members of the congregation of St Mark’s, Versailles gathered for the Dedication service in February.  It was a beautiful spring day and the congregation gathered outside the building so that Bishop David Hamid could begin the service by blessing the door and praying  ‘Peace be to this house and all who enter here.’ Bishop David, Churchwarden Alan Kendall and present Chaplain, Chris Maclay then prayed in various parts of the new Church and there was a great sense of worship and celebration. Bishop David preached, sharing some of his hopes and aspirations for the new building and the continuing church congregation.
Peter Milner gave an account of some of the stages of the building programme that had begun 25 years earlier with the purchase of the house and land on Rue du Pont Colbert. A version of this history is available on the Church website here. The service concluded with Communion and there was then a great lunch downstairs with many people catching up with one another. The congregation responsible for purchasing the land in the first place seemed to be particularly well represented and we had almost all of the Chaplains present.
The project is almost completely accomplished. The one remaining need will be to build a lift for disabled access between the ‘upstairs’ and the ‘downstairs’. But the main worship space is carpeted and heated, and the children’s work now has plenty more space to operate downstairs in the old worship area. So we wholeheartedly give thanks to God who has made this all possible without taking any commercial loans.
Our prayer is that the building would be greatly used by God to bring many to know him, and to enable the uniting of his church in the area and the facilitating of the church in France. Pray with us!

February 2013
Dedication of the new REACH building by Bishop David Hamid.

July 2011
REACH NEWS: At the June PCC Meeting, the Council took note of budgetary restrictions and agreed therefore to apply for a modification of planning permission. This will enable the Church Building to be finished but will mean that the possible extension of the entrance foyer,as well as the extended car parking facilities will be delayed.

However, the schedule still expects a watertight, useable church to be delivered to us at the end of July with the aim of using it in its rough state for the special service on Sept 4th, for Paul & Clare's Farewell.

Gift Day Update: Many thanks to all who have so generously supported
our June Gift Day. The total amount (including pledges) was 66,000euros. With
6,000 euros of this going towards tithes to support other worthy building
projects around the world, this means that a glorious further 60,000euros will be added
to the REACH funds.
 In addition, commitments have also been made to donate
over £100 each month to St.Mark's via ICS. This is a wonderful response.
Praise God.....and thank you all!

June 2011

May 2011

April 2011
Follow the progression of the Building project by visiting the photoblog

February 2011

Total now given over 650,000 euros
Things have moved on, and we are now holding regular on-site meetings with the architect and contractors, with a view to the worksite being set up in mid-February and the start of works at the beginning of March.

June 2010:

Total now at 408,000 euros

Planning permission has been granted on the project and we are looking forward to start the building work in the summer.

June 2009:
Total now at 285,000 euros

We are almost half way towards the figure we need to get the outside of the building erected. Praise the Lord and thank you all again!

December 24, 2008:
Total now at 240,000 euros

As we come towards Christmas, another 40,000 euros has been given or pledged.
MANY thanks for donations thus far.

November 30, 2008 - Official Launch & Gift Day:
Total now 200 000 euros

On the first day of the REACH Project we have so far received (given, pledged or loaned) just over 100,000 euros, which added to what the church had previously received, puts us 200,000 euros on our way towards raising the needed finance! Praise God - it really is all in his safe hands.

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